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Floating or Trailering Your Horse

by John Pinnell

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This Is A Brand New Release On DVD - One Of Our Greatest Living Horse Trainers & Breakers Shows You His Training Secrets. This time John shows how to train your horse to use the float properly without risk to him...or to you!

John Pinnell is an Australian master horseman with more than 40 years of experience and incredible success. After a short week with John Pinnell, even the worst horse will have been transformed into a useful mount or harness horse. - Tina Wommelsdorf, Ex Australian Dressage Champion.

"It's said that, in the area in which he lives, if John Pinnell were to shout 'Whoa', 98% of the horses in the area would stop!", Patricia Scott-Young

What John can do with a horse in just 7 days is truly amazing. He starts with a horse which has never before been handled and at the end has a completely tractable horse. This even applies to horses labelled 'unbreakable' by other horse breakers. - P J Hood, Racehorse Trainer

John Pinnell was trained by the legendary J D Wilton, the first and probably the greatest Australian 'Horse Whisperer', although he would never subscribe to that title! It doesn't matter if you break or train horses or you just want to improve your horsemanship, this DVD could be the key to your greater success.

One of the most common problems you'll see at any horse show or event is the horse that can't or won't use the float....most of the time it's because they've never been taught properly! In this DVD John shows you just how easy it is. If you have a horse that has a float problem, then you need this DVD!!!

John examines the construction of the float, its internal arrangements and lay-out, the gear you'll need, getting the horse on & off the float safely, dealing with problem horses who don't like floating and many more floating based problems and topics.

You'll find John's easy going, practical style the ideal way to learn. He's practical, simple to follow and you'll learn his secrets quickly and easily. You'll also see for yourself why this man deserves the huge reputation he has gained.

As always John uses horses that are unknown to him so that you see his true training skills in action. These aren't 'staged' training sessions with tame horses! John takes at least 3 difficult horses with acknowledged floating problems and you'll see exactly how he trains them.....and it doesn't take long! Never cruel, never harsh, John uses the 'psychology' of the horse to get him to do exactly what he's supposed to do and it's a real pleasure to watch!

 Running time 1hr 25 minutes

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