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December 21st  2006 Second-grader discovers bones of ancient horse
Horse Camp A Treat For Children

Be seen and not hurt on horseback

Horse owners take steps against deadly equine virus

Horse lovers come to rescue after family's Christmas stolen


Vaccinations (including useful timetable for different types of horses)
December 7th 2006 UFO Horse Bone Sale Hits A Snag
Horse Whisperer Trains Unruly Horse Into Posing
      For Christmas Card
Broken Heart Mended By Gift Of Horse
Groups Press Congress To Halt Horse Slaughter
Champion Barrel Horse Cloned
Worms - The Hidden Enemy
November 28th 2006 Room To Roam For Two Military Horses
Equine Therapy For Young Adult Drug Rehab
Wellington Center of Equine World
Healing With Horses
Whisperer Shares Her Wisdom
Home Grown Remedies For
Colic 2 remedies for this
Minor injuries
Keeping flies off/general health
November 9th 2006 Horseback Riding In A Bikini Helps Bond Girl
Glenville Horse Parade
Barbaro Cast Removed
Hope Hill Offers At Risk Girls Chance To Bond
Hoof Trimming

Horse Lameness Most Likely A Problem With The Hoof

October 26th 2006 Snoring Horse Has Life Saving Operation
"Fall" Housekeeping Essential For Horses
World's Smallest Horse Has Big Attitude
Horseback Simulation Machine Work Out
Back Problems In Horses
October 12th 2006 Thumbelina - the world's smallest horse
How Horseback Riding Helps Injured Soldiers
Jousting Comes On Strong In America
A Homing Horse
Simple Daily Health Check To Keep Your Horse In Tip Top Condition
September 28th 2006 Horse Of Year Show Contestant Just 5 years old
Horse Sense Seminar Schedule
Non-profit center may lose land
West Nile Virus Hits Santa Barbara
Problem Behaviour - Kicking
September 14th 2006 A Jack Russell Takes To The Saddle
A Mother's Love For Her Son Gives Her Trouble
Woman Dons Wedding Dress On Horseback
Get Off Your High Horse - World's Tallest Horse
Problem Behaviour - Biting
August 31st 2006 Horse Breaks Matthew Broderick's Collar Bone
Horse Breaks Ringo's Wife Leg
Royal Zara Wins Horse Riding Gold
Wille Nelson Against Horse Slaughter
Therapist Uses Horses To Reach Out To Kids
Problem Behaviour - Bolting Part 2
August 17th 2006 Oldest-known Przewalski horse dies
Move Over Rover as miniature horses take over
Barbaro Is Picking His Own Grass Now
How To Deal With A Horse With Hay Fever!
Local Man Honored With Ride For Cancer
Problem Behaviour - Bolting Part 1
August 3rd 2006 Scholarship for Horseback Riding Program
Veterinarian Promotes Holistic Options
Three Leg Icing Techniques
Abandoned, Starving Horse Makes Recovery
US Equine Rescue League Inc
O'Neill Banned For Butting Horse
Bathing Your Horse
July 20th 2006 Horse Healer
Horse & Buggy Era Back In Style
Stout Prescribed for Ailing Horse
Horse Sanctuary Celebrates Youth Month
Counterfeit Product Linked to Horse Death
Modern Godiva Rides Through City
Training - Refreshing Your Lessons part 2
July 6th 2006 15 Tips To Help You Prepare For Disasters
Help Your Horse Survive A Disaster
Horse Rescue Suffers From Drought
Lost Horse Turns Up 7 Months Later
Sun Cream for Albino Horse
Can You Help Horses an Handicapped
Training - Refreshing Your Lessons part 1
June 21st 2006 Summer Camps Directories
Summer Camp Benefits Disabled Kids
Family Camps Fun For Adults
Horse Riding is Good Exercise
Royal Ascot Re-Opens
Training Facilities
June 8th 2006 Riding for Health
Horseback Riding Can Help Kids With
                                            Cerebral Palsy
Horses Capture Hearts at Harmony Hills
Therapeutic Training Center Anniversary
Horse Whisperer Tames Skittish Schoolkids
Training - Trotting & Standing Square
May 11th 2006 Horse Simulator
Northern Counties Show
Stray Miniature Horse
Horseback Lessons for Beginners
Doctor Stable in New Business
training - Weaning
April 27th 2006 Horse & Cart beats motorised police
USDF Young Rider Weekend Seminar
Police Learn Horse Rescue Techniques
Handling The Young Foal
April 12th 2006 Cloning breakthrough divides industry
Horse abuse on the increase
MRLS found in Florida
Starting the Training Process
March 28th 2006 Class for those with Disabilities
Britons spend 4bn per year on horses
Utah horse dentist
Initial steps in Training Your Horse
March 13th 2006 Surf & Turf, then new craze with a horse and wakeboard; FEI World Equestrian Games; The Horse TV Channel The horse's character and understanding how a horse thinks and reacts.  Learning to understand the language of a horse
February 24th 2006 NYPD Horse bolts: Woman injured when horse bolts:  Toronto police horse attacked by dogs: Is this horse a unicorn? Horse body language, why a horse bolts, what to do when a horse bolts
February 12th 2006 Queensland schools add rodeo to curriculum: horse rescued from swimming pool: pregnant horse has accident with bus How to spot danger signs in your horse's body language
January 30th 2006 Rodeo death causes animal rights row: drunk horse bill: Bauchi Emirate Council bans riding of horses on public highways How to get the most from your riding experience
January 16th 2006   How to control your fear of horses
January 5th 2006 Disabled riding school has to close: Basic training - leading your horse
December 12th 2005 Love for horses taken to Soweto: Police Chief claims new strategy is pure horse sense How a horse sees
November 30th 2005 Is your horse rarer than giant panda? How to recognise a spooked horse
November 19th 2005 Madonna tells of horse fall terror How a approach a horse
November 9th 2005 Philippines police make huge faux pas Muscle strength more important than weight

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