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Revealed.The Astonishing  Secrets Of A Brilliant Horse Trainer That Allows You to Quickly and Easily Eliminate Your Horse’s Bad Habits (Even If You’ve Never Trained a Horse Before), Saves You Hundreds of Dollars...and Could Prevent You From Having To Sell Your Beloved But Badly Behaved Horse

What about being able to load any horse onto a float or trailer first time? No fuss no bother – first time and every time – guaranteed! How does that sound? Here’s How…

How would it make you feel to be able to even take on a rescued horse for  
re-homing knowing you will be able to deal with his bad manners and make sure that he will get along with your existing horses?

Its time to STOP Wasting Money On Horse Training Guesswork!

Yes, I Want To Learn Everything I
Need To Know About Horse Training!



Wanted - Horse Lovers Who Want To Do It Better!



Dear Friend and Would Be Horse Trainer! 

Pretty powerful stuff huh? 

Horses are the most wonderful creatures but they can also be the most difficult ones alive, and let’s face it they are mighty big and powerful to be so badly behaved.  But do You have what it takes to tame them? Now, be honest, no BS, DO YOU? If you are reading this then you know you don’t have what it takes……..YET!

If you want to train a horse from scratch – from foal to adult, even handling a previously unhandled horse with the manners from hell, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read

Here's why:

The amazing training experience of a world  renowned horse trainer is now available for You on DVDs – Yep, on DVDs so that you can really see the training methods in action.  John Pinnell is a master at his art so this unique set is virtually priceless as it covers nearly everything you need to know about Horse Breaking And Training.

Preview of the DVD
Breaking to Saddle and Harness


Imagine being able to train a horse so effectively that he is ready to accept your every command….that he’s just waiting for you to tell him what to do and be straight there doing it. Wouldn't that be great?

Or what about if you could take a previously unhandled horse and tame him so quickly and effectively he’s bombproof in no time flat. How would it feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to break a problem horse of all its bad habit so effectively that your friends will be amazed. It truly is possible, but you need to know how……..

            And even if you don’t want to train horses, John’s wisdom and knowledge of horses will enable you to discover ways you can improve your own horsemanship skills beyond recognition

That's what this brand new set of DVDs and a real life ‘proper’ book (No e-books here – we use proper paper!) could help you to do.

            In the best set of truly step-by-step instructions you will get everything you will ever need to train any horse, including:

  • A surefire method of ‘communicating’ with your horse to get it to follow your commands exactly. Use this method to ‘talk’ with your horse to get it to follow your commands. 
  • The importance of gaining respect from your horse  and how to do it
  • How to read your horse’s ears to gauge his mood and second-guess his intentions. These giveaway signs never lie and maintain your upper hand. Yet too few people learn to recognize these important signs…and that’s stopping you from understanding your horse’s state of mind.
  • Exposed…the tricks, tips and insider techniques to successfully training your horse. Including the step-by-step lessons you need to follow to make sure your horse is trustworthy.
  • All the tools and aids you'll ever need explained in detail
  • John examines mouthing techniques, using polling and back-up techniques prior to mounting.
  • The secrets of successful saddling up, bridling, mounting and first time riding.
  • Correct warming up and familiarity techniques.
  • Preparing for and working the horse for work in the small ring, large ring and the arena.
  • Preparing the horse and yourself for showing.

Discover the very essence of training any horse - step-by-step – made so easy for you that anyone can follow it (even if you have never trained a horse before) and guaranteed to take the horse from raw to reliable 3 times faster that you ever thought possible!

  • And, discover how you can improve your own general horsemanship beyond recognition.

             And so much more, you will not believe what "Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach" will bring to you – mastery of horse training is right here waiting for you!  In all his years of experience there is absolutely no problem or challenge in horse training that this Master Horseman has not come across.  All his wealth of experience is waiting here just for you – to turn you into a successful and expert horse trainer yourself.  With this invaluable resource you can become the local horse training guru for all your friends – they will be clamoring to get your advice on their problem horses – you’ll be in such great demand!

"After a short week with John Pinnell, even the worst horse will have been transformed into a useful mount or harness horse"

Tina Wommelsdorf - Ex-Australian Dressage Champion


 And It's Not Like Any Other Resource  You've Ever Seen On Training Horses


Simply because, every section in John Pinnell's book is there because "you asked for it." Well, not "you" specifically, but from real live questions that John has been asked over the years.

Preview of the DVD
Floating or Trailering Your Horse


Questions from people who love horses but have problems handling them, riding them and dealing with their bad manners and want to train them to be just perfect. John has been asked just about everything over the years and he has then put his own love of horses and wealth of knowledge and experience down on paper.  He has answered your questions plus a whole lot more!  And what’s really exceptional is that he’s provided not just ‘any’ answers – but the answers that WORK – he has tried and tested every single hint, tip and piece of advice he provides – exhaustively! If it didn’t work then it didn’t get into the book and from there, onto the DVDs.  What this package shows is guaranteed to work – there is no question about it – its been tried and tested for years – no BS, fluff or padding, just real, honest, straight forward advice, achieved over years and years of hard graft, dedication and experience to the great love of his life – Horses!

After writing the book John thought “how can I make this great stuff even more helpful to people?” and that was when he came up with the idea of putting it all on DVD as well! These wonderful DVDs provide a pictorial way through the minefield that is horse training – you do not have to rely on the words alone in a book, you can actually see John in action! And until you see it you won’t believe just how much easier that makes it all.  You can play and replay the DVDs at your leisure and try out the advice and tips as you go.  How’s that for getting what you want on a plate!

You'll discover all types of exciting tips.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in this powerful training resource:


R     Your secret weapon for training your horse 3 times faster than you ever thought possible 

R    4 simple ways to stop a horse bucking

R   The little-known ways to gain and hold a horse’s attention

R    The proven ways to stop your horse sitting down while he’s on the job!

R   2 simple keys to stopping your horse biting

R   AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how simple eye contact is the absolute key to successful horse training

R     11 essential pieces of equipment for breaking any horse

R     Correct use of the blindfold to great effect

R     Discover how you can improve your own general horsemanship beyond recognition

R  7 tips and tricks for approaching a foal and catching it successfully

R   A dirt-cheap way to produce gig to teach your horse to trot

R   Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to gain and hold a horse’s attention

R   How to teach a horse to float.  Does your horse misbehave trying to get him into a float or trailer?  John shows you how to teach your horse proper manners so that you can take him absolutely anywhere with a minimum of fuss

R   REVEALED! Why acquiring a good seat is so very important

R   How to handle a previously untouched horse  

R   How to effectively deal with very severe horse behavior problems quickly   and easily

R   How to turn any horse of any age into a model citizen that anyone can ride


I plan to move to Spain next year, and one of the things I want to do is buy some horses, for my children and myself. Riding looks so easy in the movies, but I know that isn’t the case. So I was looking for an easy to follow guide, covering everything from saddling a horse to caring for a horse and what to look for when buying a horse. These and more were exactly what I found in your book "Introduction to Horseback Riding" at . This book is packed full of useful information and tips, I particularly like the section on ‘thinking like a horse’. So I knew then that if I wanted to be able to train my horses I could get the right advice from you – and here it is in John Pinnell’s book – just exactly what I wanted.  Horse Training made simple – and I really did need ‘simple’ – I have never trained a horse before in my life but this book has given me the confidence to try!

Jen Scott                                                                            


Who Is John Pinnell?

            What’s special about John Pinnell?  Well, here’s just a little about the man himself:

            Born in Sidney, Australia in 1931 the son of a blacksmith form New Zealand, who made his living by dealing in horses and cattle, John was always around animals.  So John had contact with horses from his earliest days – in fact he broke his first horse at the tender age of 16, so if you do the math you can see just how much experience he does have (sorry John!).

            After more than 40 years of experience and incredible success, he wrote the first version of his book, and even made 3 videos to illustrate his work at the time.  Those videos were the starting point for the new DVDs we are offering here.


Preview of the DVD
Problem Horses


He has literally worked with thousands of horses of all shapes and sizes – breaking them in to saddle or harness, re-educating problem horses or teaching them to float.  He is softly spoken, and has the art of working with horses in a slow and steady manner such that his eyes will never leave the eyes of the horse he is working.  Always one step ahead, he simply does not know the meaning of the word ‘failure’.  He is a real Horse Whisperer, who works in the gentlest of manners with a horse – never does he get angry or aggressive with an animal, and he would never ever think of raising his voice to a horse.  He has learnt that you can make a horse obey your every command simply by virtue of the simple, gentle, consistent and kind approach that you will learn about in his material. If he ever resorts to any force it is only ever because there is absolutely no other way – and you can be sure that he has tried them all before he got to that stage.

            If you ask him who he most admires he would say the late J D Wilton from whom he learnt so much.  Wilton himself used to describe John as the best horseman he ever knew, apart from himself that is!

            And John is still at it – horse training that is! Even at the tender age of  75 he is still using his art.  After a short week even the worst horse will be totally transformed into a useful mount or harness horse.  If you have problems floating your horse, take it to John and you won’t believe your eyes!  He just whistles, after a short lesson, and your pampered pet will just walk into the float all by himself (making you feel a complete idiot!).

            But, and there is a but – he’s too far off for you to do that isn’t he – so the answer to your problems lies here, in his fabulously effective lessons set down on paper and DVD for you to use yourself.  Apply his techniques and advice, and you too could become a masterful horse trainer for which any problem horse is nothing other than a minor lesson and a few whistles.  You too could draw the admiration and awe that John does, from your friends when they see your astounding results. 

            Now just how good would that make you feel?


"It's said that, in the area in which he lives, if John Pinnell were to shout 'Whoa', 98% of the horses in the area would stop!"

Patricia Scott-Young


Its time to STOP Wasting Money On Horse Training Guesswork when you can get the very best advice to make your Horse Training an immediate success right here and now!

This Man Will Wake Up The Horse Training Genius Inside You!


What Makes His Training Method So Successful?

            Basically, because it relates directly to the type of creature that the horse is. 

            A horses’ mentality must be understood before you can ever hope to train them successfully. John’s work with horses has allowed him to assess their mental age as around that of a 4 or 5 year old child.  So if you can learn to relate to a young child then you can learn to relate to a horse – he gets on their wavelength and communicates with them so effectively that the horse ‘wants’ just to obey the trainer, indeed a horse trained by these methods will soon start to pre-empt your commands. Trained in John’s way he will soon be doing what you want before you even ask him. 

            The horse by his very nature will not offer resistance to any demand made of him if he fully understands it. He has no knowledge of his own strength beyond his own experience, and can be handled without force, after you first study and understand his habits and personality. As the horse does not have any reasoning power, he has no knowledge of right or wrong, of free will and therefore, that he may decide himself what he does.  Therefore he doesn’t understand that he is being made to do something, however much he may not like it. Because of this, he cannot easily decide what he should or should not do. But being naturally a willing and gentle beast, if the trainer finds a way to train the horse in a way suited to his nature, these gentle creatures will do as the trainer asks, and willingly.

            The horse is a shy and timid animal; but easily becomes familiar with objects and sounds that at first he may not like or may frighten him, if he is allowed to do so in his own time. He will then see such things as part of his life and will accept them willingly.

            This acceptance is the key to successful training – a poor trainer is one whose aim is to impose his will on the horse: this will never be successful, and can be cruel.  

            So, if you can recognize, as John does, why horses behave as they do, you can then use his tips and techniques to train any horse successfully. His aim is to help you understand horses as he does, and so turn you into the sought after trainer that he is.


I first just want to say "thank you" for featuring my appy "Chief" and me on your screen saver.  It is so neat to see him there, and know that other people get to see the love of my life also.

I love your web site and weekly e-mails.  I have learned so much helpful tips and information. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into it.

We own 4 horses, 3 of which were rescue horses (including Chief).  There is so much more work on these types of horses.  They have such huge trust issues, and are so malnourished.  I would love to see some future issues on the love and hard work that is required for these horses.  I think a lot of horse lovers would help in rescuing these horses if they new that there was help and advice for them out there.  I pretty much winged it, with the help of my wonderful vet of course.

Again, thanks for your work to help all of us!  I look forward to every issue.


Tanya Gibson Melber, KY                                                    



Who Should Get This Brilliant Horse Training Toolkit?

  1. Any and everyone who wants to train any horse out of his bad habits successfully
  2. Anyone who is completely fed up of trying to get their horse loaded on a trailer – spending hours every time just to get them inside and making your life a misery doing it
  3. Any and everyone who wants dealing with and understanding horse training to be easy
  4. Any and everyone who has a problem horse that they may have to give up if they can't stop him misbehaving
  5. Any and everyone who is considering selling a horse they love but just can’t handle
  6. Any and everyone who spends countless hours (and money) on fruitless training attempts
  7. Any and everyone who has ever consulted a so-called horse training expert and paid an extortionate fee for them to tame your wayward horse, only to find that when you ride it its just as badly behaved as it was before 
  8. Any and everyone who has viewed other so-called experts training horses and is appalled at their methods
  9. Anyone and everyone who thinks that horses should be trained with the utmost care, kindness and patience
  10. Anyone and everyone who wants to train a horse 3 times faster than they have ever been able to do before
  11. Anyone and everyone who wants to be able to offer horse training services to others and be able to not only guarantee results, but also to make a profit out of it
  12. Anyone and everyone who wants to improve their own general horsemanship beyond recognition

AND Yes!....If you want to make serious money out of horse training, this will be your ticket to that new career



What John can do with a horse in just 7 days is truly amazing. He starts with a horse which has never before been handled and at the end has a completely tractable horse. This even applies to horses labelled 'unbreakable' by other horse breakers."

P J Hood, Racehorse Trainer


What Is This Fantastic Package?

            Very simply, it’s the very best horse training guide, step-by-step that you have ever seen or used – it’s the ultimate in simplified, direct, speedy and effective horse training. You are actually going to see John take problem horses that have just come to him – he has never even met them before – and train them out of their bad habits! You really are about to be truly amazed, I know I was.  I just couldn’t believe that he did it so quickly.  Theses DVDs are in real time.  What I mean by that is we haven’t fast forwarded like they do on TV programs – we have filmed in actual time so all the time he took to train the horses is the duration of what you’ll see (no short cuts or cheating).  When you see how long it actually takes him to change some of the behavior you see, you are going to be astounded at the speed of it.  He is quite simply – awesome! If you are not truly gob smacked (as the Poms say) by what he achieves then ask me for your money back and I will gladly pay it! I can absolutely guarantee that you will be blown away by what you see.

             This great package comes to you in 2 parts: A proper, real-life paper book, plus 3 DVD programs (on 4 discs) revealing, step-by-step, the best training methods that get great results every time; and in double quick time – in fact Triple Quick Time!

            The Book: "Horse Breaking and Training: A Common Sense Approach" sets down in PLAIN English, everything you will ever need to know about horse training.

            The DVD’s: There are 3 DVD programs in the set


Breaking To Saddle And Harness DVD - by John Pinnell

There was so much to show here that we needed 2 DVDs to get it all in. Especially commissioned from the original Pinnell video tapes made in the 1990s, shows this exceptional horse trainer at work breaking horses of some truly bad manners. Unlike many such films these are not 'staged' with tame horses but with the real thing. If you are not genuinely awe struck I will be amazed.

For further information and a preview  click here


Floating or Transporting Your Horse DVD - by John Pinnell

Go to any show or horse event and you'll see horses misbehaving in or around their horse floats, and an equal number of human arguing about whose fault it is! It's a common sight and not always the fault of the horse. It's often caused by bad or even a complete lack of, training to use the float. If you have a horse with a float problem then this DVD is an absolute MUST for you!! You are going to wonder why you ever suffered those problems for so long when you see just how quickly those bad habits can be cured.

For further information and a preview click here


Problem Horses DVD - by John Pinnell

Horses aren't perfect and most of them have bad habits that we'd love to fix! Problem is, we just don't have the skills. Imagine being able to cure those bad manners  yourself!! Well, now you can.  This DVD will show you how to curb almost all of the common horse problems including  rearing, bucking and biting.

For further information and a preview  click here

     These DVDs allow you to see exactly what the trainer is doing – along with listening to the description of the training lesson itself.  Therefore you are not left to assume anything from just reading a text – you can actually see his techniques in action and in glorious color – pausing just as and when you need to, so that you can take the information in at exactly the speed that suits you.  In the comfort of you own home and armchair you can watch this great resource as often as you want – anytime you want! This means you make the most of your available time, so you can fit this into your busy schedule, after work or at any time you want – making the most of your free time. So no need to read a word if you don’t want to – just watch the DVDs.  How many other packages offer you the chance to see the Trainer in action? 

We absolutely know you will love this great package – especially when you realize that this whole, amazing definitive guide to training your horse is only $197 for the whole lot - excluding Postage & Packing.

This includes John Pinnell's book "Horse Breaking and Training: The Common Sense Approach".

These DVDs are particularly good because John uses horses with known problems in this program. Most of them have already been to 'renowned' horse trainers and then returned as 'untrainable'. There's no easy option for John as he shows us the 'real life' situation!

At the conclusion of this program, and when John has cured and retrained a particularly difficult horse, her delighted owner rides the horse. John then proceeds to improve her riding technique on a horse that is now a pleasure to handle with all the previous problems a thing of the past! 

            These will all be sent to you when you place your order – but wait! There’s more….

            We are so sure that you will love this fabulous resource that you won’t want to wait before you get started, so here’s what we did!

            We have included some really valuable bonuses with your purchase that you can download immediately.  So no need to lose any momentum, get started on the Free bonuses now whilst you wait for your horse training package to arrive.  How’s that for a great offer!

I am thoroughly enjoying your collection.  It's an eye opening experience.  I've owned horses (first horse I owned I was 8 -- he was 12 hands), been around horse since age 8 and I am now 70 and looking back and reading, there are very few things, especially in the safety area, that I have done correctly and what I did do correctly was pure accident as I had no instructions.  It's never too late to learn.  I subscribed to your books because I am leasing a horse and intent on taking lessons but wanted to assess what I could learn prior to putting my skinny butt in the saddle.

James Strotman   GA, USA                                          

            John Pinnell’s mission is to enhance and enrich the horse/human relationship wherever and whenever possible by teaching humans how to interact with their horses both compassionately and effectively. Showing humans how to have the highest and best relationship with their horses and how to keep it, has always been one of his main goals in life.

             To be good with horses at a high level requires us humans to come forward with our best qualities and attributes. Similar to a 'great parent', successful relationships with horses require compassion, kindness, precision, patience, clarity, real knowledge (not just opinions and projections), confidence, great leadership and more. 

             John has always felt that practicing appropriate interaction with horses helps humans to become better in all their relationships. Thus, in this program, he teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse.  He has discovered that horses have the mental age of a 4-5 year old child and with this in mind has found the most successful way to train them.

             Follow his words of wisdom and you can’t fail to produce quite astounding results!

 STOP Wasting Money On Horse Training Guesswork And Follow the Advice Of A Real Expert!



Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover

R     You’ll discover the importance of eye contact in successful training

R     How to gain respect from a horse or foal

R     Discover how to stop a horse biting

R     At least 11 essential pieces of equipment you’ll need to break a horse

R     2 ways to get the horse to ‘flex at the poll’

R     You’ll discover how to train a horse 3 times faster than you ever thought possible

R     The importance of handling the horse on both sides

R     At least 4 ways to stop a horse bucking

R     Why a horse needs time to think

R     How to use your 4 main training aids effectively

R     How to gain and hold the horse’s attention

R     The importance of ‘light hands’ and how to get them

R     The tried and tested solutions of an expert to almost any horse problem that you can think of

R     The importance of showing the horse that you are confident so that he has confidence in you

R     How to save countless hours in fruitless training that will never work

R     How to build a relationship with the horse such that he will be obeying your commands before you even give them

R     Discover how you can improve your own general horsemanship beyond recognition

            Any so much more we could never list it all here…..

            And remember you can actually SEE him doing it – no need to read a word if you don’t want to – just watch the DVDs

What is a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you well over $20,000 (and that wouldn’t even cover the cost of committing so many years of experience to paper – never mind then putting it all onto DVD’s to make your life even easier!).  Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this – SPECIFICALLY for breaking and training horses. This isn’t just some boiler-plate, bog standard collection of answers.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it is dead easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out as a series of lessons.

Which is why “Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” is such a bargain at $197 (excluding postage & packing) for the whole package and resource centre!

That’s right, a fraction of what it’s really worth or what it cost us to research, record and organize before we put it on DVD. Why would we make it so affordable? Simply because we actually want to share it with you!  What is the point of having such a great resource of real ‘bona fide’ training and horse sense experience if you don’t share it with others?  We don’t even make you buy the whole lot but you will soon see that it represents the very best value for money. Our greatest joy would be to see you become such a successful trainer that you just can't wait to give us the best testimonial ever

The book is a real book (not an e-book) that will be sent to you through the good old mail system – a real something so that you can see what you actually paid those hard earned bucks for! Which means in a few days from now you can be reading the book and viewing the DVD’s, well on your way to discovering all the amazing secrets of a Master Horseman who took years to get such priceless experience to share with you.

So we figure we’ll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information, tips and advice (which if you follow what’s contained in its pages could really revolutionize your horse training right from the moment you first use it) to more people. And make our investment back over time.

  No matter what however, it’s a bargain for you. And yes, we do plan on raising the price from $197 (excluding postage & packing) to nearly double that very soon. Once we get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase. So you’ll want to be quick if you want to save some money.

AND remember it doesn’t end there! We also want you to have something to download immediately you purchase this wonderful package – we don’t want you to have to wait at all, but anything really worth having is worth waiting for.  So when you place your order we will send you a link to download some fabulous bonuses to keep you going until your actual book and DVDs arrive – now how fair is that? AND it gets even better! If for any reason you don’t think the book and the DVDs meet your expectations, and you ask for a refund, we want you to be able to keep the bonuses absolutely free of charge – How’s that for an exceptional offer?

Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly what those bonuses are!

$197 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these secrets and the feeling you get when the frustration and impatience that you have encountered with your horse just melts away!

And don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Hey, you’re our customer. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on us. So if you’re not happy with what you discover from “Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” we don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to us
within 30 days of ordering, return the goods in perfect condition and we’ll happily refund your money in full
(in fact, we’d be embarrassed to keep it).

But… the free bonuses are yours to keep no matter what,
as a “thank you” gift from us!

Okay? So you really can’t lose! And the bonuses are yours no matter what.



That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Well let me tell you what these great free bonuses are that will make this the best investment you ever make. We are going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than the book itself!

Simply grab your set of “Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” DVD’s right now, and here’s what we’ll throw in:

“Horse Care In a Nutshell”
A $11.97 Value Bonus!

This amazing bonus is all about Horse Care. This CD is crammed full of programs and articles about caring for your horse. 

You’ll discover:

  • How to look after your horse in winter.
  • How to groom your horse like a professional – in 4 great parts
  • Invaluable Horse Care advice from a professional.
  • Flies and how to get rid of them
  • The H10 horse grooming survey.
  • 101 and more horse grooming tips.
  • Looking after your older horse - arthritis and horse care.
  • The Show Check List - all you need to know before, during and after the show.
  • How to keep your horse fit.
  • The basics of clipping your horse.

Not bad, right?  And that’s only the first one!

But that’s not all you get! Because we are also throwing in:

“How To Make Money Horseback Riding”

A $9.97 Value Bonus!

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus you’ll know the essentials about how You can make money with Horseback Riding.

Here’s what is revealed:


R     How to turn your hobby into something you can get paid for

R     How to start earning money with YOUR horseback knowledge

R     How to take advantage of the opportunities open to you

Imagine how you’d feel if you knew these things! YOURS FREE when you order “Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” You are reading this, aren’t you?

Well the good news is, that’s still not all. Because we have another gift for you.


“How To Stay Safe Horseback Riding”
A $19.97 Value Bonus!

You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this bonus you’ll know everything about how to stay safe on horseback

Here’s a quick peek at what this amazing bonus contains:


R     How to avoid injuries whilst riding and also while on the ground

R     How to stay safe while approaching and working around a horse

R     How to look out for and avoid danger whilst trail riding


And here's another gift for you.


“How To Tame & Train Wild Horses”
A $27.97 Value Bonus!

Have you ever thought about training and taming a previously unhandled horse? Well this handy bonus will get you thinking about it, and as a preparation for what you will learn form John’s training this will make sure that you are up to and ready for the task!


Here’s a peek at what this amazing bonus has in store for you:



R     How to break a horse to harness

R     How to proceed if your horse is of a stubborn disposition

R     How to drive a wild horse that has any vicious habit


     And there's still more!                          


Boost Your Confidence
A $27.97 Value Bonus!

Now we all know that riding horses can take some nerve can’t it? Not everyone is a born horseman or woman, and let’s face it, on horseback you have a long way to fall if you don’t get it right. Anyone who rides well and knows  horses will tell you that its important, if not essential, to show the horse that you are in charge, and part of that is to show that you are fully confident in handling the horse. So, if you weren’t born in the saddle and you feel that your confidence could do with a bit of a boost then this is made  for you. And, remember, if you boost your confidence in the saddle you will also boost your confidence in the rest of your life and that will be something you can really appreciate.


Here’s what you have in store:


R     How to build self-confidence

R     How to improve your inner dialogue

R     How to tap into your potential and get rid of comparisons



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And if you’re still not sure, don't take our word for it on how great this package is. Listen to what another happy purchaser had to say about it:



‘If you have ever wondered how he does it, now you can actually watch the miracles John performs.  All of the DVDs are completely unrehearsed, filmed at John’s ranch and with horses that have just arrived.  What you see is very much the real thing. The amazing thing is though that although the recordings are comprehensive and in real time, they will still leave you baffled at how he accomplishes so much in such a short time, such is his mastery of horse training.

It is fascinating to watch a real horse master at work.  Here is a man who instinctively rides forward, his hands simply unique in his field; never hold, only indicate or check he is simply super and I wish the competition riders would train to have such hands.  His horses are so light that they are a pure touch button affair.  These DVDs are a must for every horse-man and a small investment for the pleasure of watching such pure and inspired expertise.’

Tina Wommelsdorf, Australian Dressage Champion


You can't leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere $197 (excluding postage & packing) for the whole lot, you are getting the answers you need ... PLUS MORE insider horse training secrets than you can ever imagine. Now, you can only get this product and bonuses from us. It's not available in libraries or anywhere else on the net. Just imagine being able to get these answers sent to you straight away plus some really great and invaluable bonuses downloaded to you right away.

To order the Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” set, just click on the order button below



Our “Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach” package gives you everything you could possibly need to succeed at Horse Training.

What you’ll be getting is the knowledge that will cut the wasted time, patience and frustration out of your current training process, plus a guaranteed system to make all your horse training from now on a complete success.

Maybe you are wondering if it will work for You?

Well, we can honestly say with 100% certainty that it does and it will.  You see, John is an expert – and he wrote this package himself.  No other imposters or newbie horse trainers ever got near it! Its pure unadulterated wisdom, tips and techniques that are guaranteed to work – no question about it!  He’s tried it all out in his time and he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.  He may have spent his time trying out new techniques but you wont have to because we only give you step-by-step techniques that work.

The most important question you need to answer is “Why should I choose Your package over and above Any and Every other one I have ever seen?”

Its quite simple. When you buy this package….you will get the tools that will empower you to train Any and Every horse…its 100% guaranteed to work…..because it was developed by an Expert -  a real expert with a lifetime of experience to pass onto you.  He gets testimonials from other real experts in their Horse related professions, like Tina Wommelsdorf. Ex-Australian Dressage Champion – now she really does know what she’s talking about.

You can see also that he covers every aspect of horse training that you can ever imagine and a few you have probably never considered. And remember you can actually SEE him doing it – no need to read a word if you don’t want to – just watch the DVD’s.

John has never failed with a horse – and he doesn’t intend for you to fail either, so he put his heart and soul into giving you his all when he set his wisdom out for you to share.

Wishing you great success – You simply cannot fail!


Roger Bourdon
       Author of "Introduction to Horseback Riding"


P.S Finally, the chance to discover the ultimate horse training and breaking insider secrets and tips from a verified Master Horseman, whose wealth of experience is available to you at a fraction of the cost it should be – ask yourself if you can afford to miss this great opportunity?

P.P.S. Don't forget, you're getting $97 worth of bonuses for just a fraction of that price. Everything to get you started in "Horse Breaking and Training: A common Sense Approach" You are reading this, aren't you?

P.P.P.S If you don’t get this fabulous package now for such a ridiculously low price you may miss out forever – this price will not last for long so get there now and grab it with both hands

P.P.P.P.S This kind of opportunity does not come along everyday – if you have a horse to train or a problem horse whose bad manners need breaking, this could be the quickest and cheapest way of doing it that you have ever come across. How would you feel if your stubborn horse just walked straight onto the horse float whenever you wanted him to?

P.P.P.P.P.S And remember you can actually SEE him doing the training – no need to read a word if you don’t want to – just watch the DVD’s.  How many other packages offer you the chance to see the Trainer in action?


Its time to STOP Wasting Money On Horse Training Guesswork!



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