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May 24th 2007




Welcome To The Latest Horse Lovers Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest  Newsletter for for horse owners and horse lovers everywhere.  If you would like to read previous issues of my Newsletter, please go here

If you fancy exploring this site further, then you can go to the horseback riding resources page which you can find here  where you will find links to all sorts of valuable information, such as horseback riding articles, my blog (which is really a useful information resource), charities and much more. 

If you refer others to this site, which you can do from that resources page, I will send you a FREE Screen Saver with beautiful pictures of horses from my readership. 

This is the new format for 2007, so to speed loading and to make reading easier, I have broken the long newsletter format into sections, which you can get to by clicking on the links below.

                        This Week's Video
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                        This Week's Article


Roger Bourdon

Author of “Introduction to Horseback Riding”

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P.S.  Do let me have photos and a short synopsis for future "Horse of the Month"   features - I am sure your horse deserves the title!



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